Water damage claims in London

When water damage occurs in a property, whether residential or commercial. The owner more often than not has insurance to cover the damage. For example the insurance company will cover any damage that is caused by floods, or damaged pipes within your home. If your property is damage by water from nearby rivers more than likely your insurance company will not cover cost for this. claims on you home insurance can prove difficult

There are many rules and regulations when it comes to your insurance provider covering you for water damage. For example they may well cover you if winds caused damage to you roof and rain than flooded your home, but funnily enough you may have problems if the issue at the property is caused by a storm surge.

Below are a few water damage claims that are typically covered by insurance with water damage repair contractors in London

o Burst pipes
o Bathtub and sink overflows
o Washing machine and other appliance overflows
o Water damage from leaking roof

London insurance policies and contracts are known to be riddles with loopholes, in favour of the insurer, let’s look at an example, if your burst pipes were a result of an extremely cold night causing them to freeze over, most insurance companies would send contractors to cover for this, however if it was a case that you left the heating turned of for a lengthy duration then you can bet that the claim would be rejected really quickly. This is as they will claim that you haven’t taken necessary preventative measures

also lets say your dishwasher leaks and causes damage to flooring and interior walls, your insurer may cover the cost and repair of the interior damage, but may not actually cover the repair or replacement of the actual dishwasher.

.The following water damage claims are generally not covered by standard homeowners insurance:

o Flooding from an overflowing river or lake
o Sewer backups
o Water seepage


Normally as we said earlier insurers in London don’t like to pay out for water damage caused by natural flooding, i.e flooded river banks and floods caused by torrential rain, if you do want to be covered for events like this you will need to get national flood insurance.

Similarly drainage floods are not generally covered my normal insurance companies, you will find that actually tend to specifically state in the policies that they will not cover this. You may however be able to add it on for an increased premium

Clearly, water damage related insurance claims  in London are complex. Professional water damage restoration experts in both mopping up the mess as well as navigating the complexities of what’s usually covered and what’s not.

Online Marketing in 2015

Online Marketing

Online marketing has been one of, if not the reason on-line business has continued to grow, in this day and age society is almost dependant on the internet for almost everything. The marketing of services and products is defined as online marketing, or sometimes referred to as digital marketing, there are also several other terms associated with it, these include internet marketing, e-marketing and online advertising. This type of marketing tends i target a new and specific type of people, new age if you will. The increase in interest in on-line marketing has been increased through the use of search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing and optimization

The way it works is that experts use various method to attract large numbers of traffic to sites or pages. By using specific and relevant terms otherwise known as keywords. For example utilising plumber in London with a plumber merchant website based in London. This helps their website to be best optimized for the search engines to pick them up and place them visibly and highly ranked on their results page this is known as search engine optimization, the ideas is that the highly ranked sites attract more visitors enabling the client to get more customers to thier website. it Is also to possible pay google or whatever search engine you use to place adds for you, you then pay for each time a customer clicks on his site

There are countless online marketing agencies providing expert SEO services in the UK and all around the world, the market for it is now tremendous, with these firms helping businesses to generate hundreds of pounds to millions by correctly optimizing and marketing their internet properties, they charge varying prices for the service, usually at a monthly recurring price. London seo services have increase almost ten fold in recent years. with Search engine optimization companies expanding

Digital marketing


Online marketers

Online marketers

Digital marketing has made things so simple for users that at a simple click of mouse several things can be handled. Brands have been heavily promoted Online shopping has helped the brands to promote their products on-line and make things easy for customers by simply doing Internet shopping. Display of advertisements in form of banner ads help to highlight the product or service and encourages the visitor to go through it. One can easily keep an account of the reach of Online marketing as the number of clicks help to know about the traffic generated by a particular website. It gives an approximate idea about how many people visited a particular site or advertisement and one can estimate if things are working according to the marketing strategy of the Seo services


Power flush guide

There have been many attempts with central heating power flush technology to alleviate the problems of sludge and corrosion Power_Flush_Machine_Sec_3but none have managed to stop or get rid of the problems all together, Standard power flushing has proven to be expensive, time consuming and worse of all, inconsistent.

All Heating systems have sludge deposits and suffer with a phenomenon known as magnetite which is born from the chemical reactions with in the heating system. Corrosion will take place when air gets into the system.

Unfortunately when water, oxygen and metal mix, a chemical reaction happens. This is when Magnetite (FE3O4), one of several iron oxides and is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on earth is formed.

Some people call the magnetite sludge or iron oxide while others will call it ferrous material, it is a black or brown like substance that forms within the pipes and radiators of a heating system, and it is one of the main culprits for many heating system problems.

Symptoms of magnetite build up are cold radiators or cold spots. Less overall heat output and even pump or boiler noise.

Magnetite is just one of the materials that build up over time that can cause your heating system problems. Other debris such as non ferrous, lime scale, casting sand, welding debris, paint particles and other undesirable materials cause the same problems and can range from very large to smaller than a micron. It is the tiny, tiny microns that cause havoc with the heat exchanger and other components of the heating system specifically newer, modern boilers as they are more compact with smaller components.

Sludge (magnetite) and lime scale, if left untreated, will reduce the performance of your boiler by up to 15%, they could severely cripple the boiler, reduce the life expectancy of the boiler, drastically or cause a major malfunction and hefty a repair bill or worse case scenario, a new boiler.

However, manufacturers are increasingly coming up with more and more sophisticated ideas, such as the Adey Solutions Magna-cleanse (magnet) technology and the Spiro-tech Spiro-trap Magna-booster2 In-line filter Technology. an entire industry has develop around it with companies like Expert power flush providing excellent power flushing solutions

As to date, only power flushing or Magnacleanse with the aid of powerful cleansing solutions can remove some of the sludge from the central heating system.

And with the aid of in-line filter technology, some protection can be provided on an ‘on going’ basis but unfortunately there is no technology yet, that can fully protect your system 100% from the effects of magnetite and other central heating system debris.


London, Fulham Combi Boiler installation guide

If you have recently had a combi boiler installed in Fulham, you will know that boiler install fulhamthe combi boiler prices are not cheap and if possible, I imagine you would prefer not to pay that kind of price ever again or for at least a very long time. Plus many reports suggest a new efficient boiler will save you up to £240.00 per year. It will only save money if it is working properly and the only way to ensure this, is to maintain your combi boiler heating system so its keeps to its optimum efficiency (over 90%), SEDBUK band A rated.

Over the winter your boiler is in use most of the time and will work exceptionally well unless it has been poorly maintained. During the summer months the combi boiler will be used mostly for the hot water and the heating will probably never be put on. It is essential that the heating is put on at least once a month to ensure all the moving parts within the combi boiler do not seize up.

When a combi-boiler or any boiler is first installed, an inhibitor is added to the system water to lubricate pipes and parts so that sludge and debris do not build up and clog important components of the heating system. However, this inhibitor will only last for 3 years, so if you have not recently topped up your system, today could be a good day to do so.

Further, if you have recently drained your heating system. DID YOU REMEMBER to replaced the inhibitor with new inhibitor as the existing inhibitor would have drained a way with the old system water.

It is a very good idea as recommended by all boiler manufacturers to have an annual service. A service could pick up an underlying problem that had not shown itself in the installation process or while your boiler has been functioning. Sods law dictates the PROBLEM will show itself in the middle of the coldest winter.

Also a service will clean your boiler and test for nasty carbon monoxide leaks (the silent killer), which kills up to 30 people a year. It is also a very good idea to install an audible carbon monoxide alarm.

A new study estimates up to 81% of UK households do not have a carbon monoxide detector installed!

Some times, problems occur which are not anything to do with Boiler at all. For instance, TRV’s or Thermostatic radiators can seize up over the summer months and when you come to turn them on in the Winter they will not budge. Try to remember to turn each of your TRV’s at least once every two months.

For great affordable quotes on boiler installation and repair visit http://www.expertboilerinstallations.co.uk/